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Transform your property with bifold French doors

When people think of bifold doors, multi-panelled systems are typically called to mind. However, it is possible to have bifold French doors installed, if that’s your preference.

How do bifold French doors vary from standard French doors? What are their features and benefits, and should you make the investment? Your Price explores…

A spotlight on French doors vs. sliding French doors

French doors (also referred to as French windows) are simply a pair of large windows that act like a door, letting light all the way to the floor.

This combination of window and door, letting in lots of natural light and granting access to outdoor spaces, is understandably popular.

Bifold French doors are different as they maintain the concertina effect of standard bifolds whilst offering the classic appearance of their continental cousins.  A hybrid of two impressive door styles (check out this blog post: Design tips for creating a brighter living space.) The great look and increased light of French doors, with the convenience and handy design of a bifold? Is that possible?

Absolutely! Your Price supplies and fits bifold French doors, at reasonable prices with top quality workmanship guaranteed. So what is available?

A vast range of bifold French doors

There are many configurations of bifold French doors, to fit any size of frame, from a narrow two-panel, to multi panels stretching over many feet. In fact, even a bay can be accommodated.

Our bifold French doors come in a huge range of colours. Some of the most popular include slate grey, light and dark metallic silver and black.

What’s more, the frames and fittings of our bi-folds are coated with a durable, polyester powder, making sure they will continue to look wonderful, way into the future.

Bifolds vs. traditional French doors

Bifold doors are a good alternative to French Doors for Surrey homesFrench doors add something special to a room, bringing lots of light, and a fantastic view of that beautifully manicured garden. But why choose a bifold over a traditional French door?

Bifolds save lots of space! When the summer sun is warming the air, bifolds can be pushed aside, opening out almost all of the doorframe space, to really bring the outside in. Unlike standard French doors, which can only ever open out half of the frame space, bifolds allow you to create the illusion of one continuous space, from indoor to outdoor.

If you currently have a set of elderly French doors which are in need of replacing, you may find that a modern set of bifolds offers some much improved energy efficiency, helping to save you from heat loss and high energy bills.

Your French bifolds, Your Price

Bifold French doors have a lot to offer as a convenient and efficient way of maximising light in your property and capitalising on the aesthetics of your garden. So what are you waiting for?

One of our friendly team members will be delighted to give you a free quote, so get in touch now. Call us on 020 8665 2339, or fill in your details on our contact form. Your new French bifolds are only a call or click away.