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“Proportion is that agreeable harmony between several parts – the result of a just and regular agreement of them with each other – the height to the width, this to the length and each of these to the whole.”
– Vitruvius

Finding the perfect width of bifold doors

One of the reasons that bifolds are so popular with homeowners is due to their essential versatility. When it comes to size, you may well know that they are available in a number of configurations – from two-panelled to eight-panelled sets, as well as corner and bay bifolds.

But just how wide are the panels themselves? Are they out of the box or can they be tailored to suit your specific property? Your Price answers your questions…

Bifold door widths – how wide?

The first thing to know is that our bifolds are made to measure. Their bespoke nature means that you’ll have some control over just how large they ultimately are (as well as a host of other features, including colours and finishing touches).

Our bifolds will complement large spaces, as they can be made very wide via the use of a mechanical join. One of the benefits of wider bifolds, is that with less panelling in close proximity, the feel of a glass wall is created, and natural light will fill your rooms in greater abundance.

Typically, they can be made up to 1000mm wide and, in certain instances, 1200mm wide.

Bifold door sizes – how slim?

Bifold doors come in different widths and we install all sizes across SurreyBifolds can be made smaller to suit more modestly sized interiors. One of the benefits of slimmer panels is that customers are able to take advantage of their respective perks, even if internal square footage is limited.

We can manufacture panels which are just 1.5m wide. However, we don’t typically advise our customers to opt for anything much smaller than this, otherwise the doors could bind upon closing.

In terms of minimum widths:

  • Minimum overall width of bifolding doors – 1400mm
  • Minimum panel width – 700mm

When it comes to the openings of your doors, how do you decide how big to make them?

The best thing to do is to consult our technical team. Not only will we be able to advise on optimum configurations for your space, but we’ll be able to suggest the best panel and overall door widths for your chosen configuration.

To learn more about the width of bifold doors, talk to our experts

Our bifold door experts are on hand to address any further questions you may have with regard to sizes and widths.

Just give us a call on 020 8665 2339, drop us a line on our website’s contact form, email us or visit us at our showroom. We’re based at: 34 Wates Way, Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 4HR.

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