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What’s Next For Aluminium Bifold Doors?

Date: 24th Nov 2015

Timber and uPVC are perfectly valid window and door materials, and customers often choose to have their bifolds made to match. While timber offers classic looks and a beautiful silhouette, uPVC is an economical alternative that has made the bifold accessible to all. But for bifold door customers, the ultimate material has to be aluminium. […]

Having a House Extension? Get Shopping For Bifold Doors Now

Date: 18th Nov 2015

Adding a house extension is one of the most popular home improvements in the UK. Creating more space can add value, as well as making your home more versatile and welcoming. Whether you’re increasing the size of your kitchen, or adding a sun room or orangery on the back, your new extension could transform the […]

How to Calculate the Number of Doors For Your Bifold Door Installation

Date: 6th Nov 2015

If you read our previous blog about maximum and minimum sizes, you might be wondering how your bifolds will look when they’re fitted in your home. Your Price Bifolds considers every job to be a unique installation, and we come up with a bespoke design for every set that we make and fit. The width […]

Yes, You Can Have Bay Bi-Folds!

Date: 26th Oct 2015

When you think of bifolding doors, you probably think of huge expanses of glass, or modern, boxy buildings that can be opened completely to the garden. In truth, bifold doors are amazingly versatile, and can be used in all kinds of settings – including bays. With hundreds of colours to choose from, the sky’s the […]

What’s the Maximum and Minimum Opening Size for Bifolds?

Date: 17th Oct 2015

Bifold doors are available in various configurations, and the design is only limited by your imagination. Whether your bifolds are for a glass extension, a conservatory, a dining room or a pool, we have a set that will complement your décor. The main thing you’ll need to consider is the size. Is your building suitable […]

How Your Patio Can Benefit From Bifolding Doors

Date: 11th Oct 2015

If you’ve been researching bifold doors, you’ve probably read plenty of blogs that talk about ‘letting the outside in’. We often think of bifolds being a benefit to the property, and a great way to help us enjoy our homes more. Of course – that’s one huge reason to install them. But bifolding doors offer […]

Which Material is Right For Your Bifold Door Project?

Date: 28th Sep 2015

Bifold doors come in a range of configurations, and there are lots of different materials and styles. While the majority of the door’s construction is glass, the frames are equally important, since they tone and match the rest of your home. At Your Price Bifolds, we price bifold doors in plastic (uPVC), aluminium and timber. […]

Can I Have Bifold Doors in My Shop Front?

Date: 10th Sep 2015

When it comes to domestic home improvements, bifold doors are definitely in vogue. From stunning new build properties to classic Georgian buildings, the bifold door has its place in practically any house you can picture. In commercial properties, the bifold door is more than an enhancement to the way space is used. It can make […]

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Bifold Doors

Date: 3rd Sep 2015

Buying bifold doors is one of the best things you can do to enhance the value of your property. By connecting the house with the garden, you can enrich your lifestyle and help every member of the family get more enjoyment from your home. Ordering bifolds need not be complex; the trick is to know […]

Choosing a Layout For Your Bifold Doors

Date: 21st Aug 2015

Bifold doors are incredibly versatile, and they can completely change the way your home functions as a space. As well as giving you better visibility, they can transform the way you access the garden, and the layout of the doors plays a bit part in the way the space is used. When considering bifold doors […]

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