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What Do Bifold Doors Cost?

Date: 20th Aug 2015

Home improvements come at a cost, and everyone who owns a home faces the burden of maintaining it. When it comes to optional extras, some of us can afford to push the boat out; others are working to a budget. Bifold doors are one of those features that look very expensive, and cash-conscious homeowners might […]

What Colours Are Bifold Doors Available In?

Date: 12th Aug 2015

Contemporary homes are more colourful than ever, and the bifold door is fast becoming an essential part of modern home design. Whether you’ve bought a new build property, or you’re renovating an older house, there’s a style and colour of bifold to suit any house on the market. Many customers go for classic white bifolds: […]

Improving Access With Bifold Doors

Date: 21st Jul 2015

Bifolding doors are often installed in domestic properties, but they’ve surged in popularity in business premises too. Clients love the wide open space they offer, as well as the modern good looks. Another benefit of bifolds is one that able-bodied adults may rarely consider, and that’s easier accessibility. This is an issue that affects people […]

How Thin Are Bifold Door Frames?

Date: 16th Jul 2015

Bifold doors come in a range of configurations and sizes, and it’s possible to span gaps of practically any size. The frames themselves can be made from uPVC, timber or aluminium, with aluminium offering superb strength and uPVC being ideal for budget-conscious homeowners in London. The material you choose will affect the thickness of the […]

Bifolds and Kids: Staying Safe at Home

Date: 10th Jul 2015

When we install bifold doors, we tend to work in the busiest area of the home: the exit. Kids are constantly coming in and out of the house in summer, and little ones often use the doors for support when they step in and out. With this in mind, the glazing around exists needs to […]

Choosing the colour of your bi-folding doors

Date: 18th Jun 2015

If you’re renovating your house, or just updating the glazing, you can’t help but consider a modern set of bifolds. The space they create can transform the way a room feels, turning a dark and poky dining room into a vibrant open space. One of the things you’ll need to consider is the colour of […]

Can You Have Bifolds in a Small Space?

Date: 8th Jun 2015

When we think of bifolding doors, we normally think about huge expanses of metal, or plastic, and glass. Bifolds are ideally suited to very large openings, giving you a way to effectively remove a wall and bring the sunshine into the house. Many customers ask us whether bifolds are suitable for smaller spaces. They are, […]

Customising Bifolds to Make Them Fit Your Home

Date: 25th May 2015

The summer months are a great time to be outside and enjoy the space around you. Family gatherings and neighbourly barbecues are relaxing ways to have fun, and there’s nothing like a sunny day to help the kids run off some energy. If you have a cute little garden – perhaps a little on the […]

Installing Your Own Bifolds: Risks and Benefits

Date: 19th May 2015

We all have to count the pennies these days, so it may be tempting to set about installing the doors as a DIY project, rather than employing a professional company. Good glazing products don’t come cheap, and it’s sometimes tempting to try cut corners. While economising may save money in the short term, the longer […]

Checking the Guarantee on Your Bifold Doors

Date: 11th May 2015

When you’ve made the decision to have bifold doors installed, you’ll be eager to have peace of mind at the end. You’ll want assurance that you’ve invested in doors that will last for many decades to come, and that they are safe, secure, high quality and durable. You also need to know that, should you […]

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