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7 Reasons to Choose Bifolds For Your Home

Date: 31st Jan 2014

When you replace the patio doors in your home, you have a unique opportunity to transform your indoor space and make better use of your garden. Bifold doors can make a huge difference to the usability of rooms and the sense of space you have while you’re using them. They’re ideal for anyone with garden […]

How to Modernise Your Home With Folding Doors

Date: 3rd Jan 2014

What’s your favourite modern building? Perhaps it’s the Shard, with its panoramic views of London, the Guangzhou Finance Center in China or the record-breaking Burj Khalifa. These buildings are all skyscrapers, of course, but they also prove the importance of cutting edge glazing in modern architecture. TV shows like Grand Designs emphasise the importance of […]

How to Order Bifold Doors

Date: 3rd Jan 2014

So you’ve made the big decision to order bifold doors for your home. We understand that you want to make the best of your investment, improve the value of your property and make your indoor space more usable for the whole family. Here’s a quick guide to ordering your bi-folding doors and making the best […]

Designing a Layout For Your Bifold Doors

Date: 3rd Jan 2014

Bifold doors are popular for their quality and great looks, and they’re versatile enough to be fitted in practically any setting. Bifolds can be installed in many different arrangements according to your home’s layout. In this article, we’ll look at some of the configurations you might want to consider for your home. Choosing the Number […]

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