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How to install a bifold door

Bifolds have become an exceptionally popular product in recent years due to the many benefits they afford property owners. But how are these life-changing doors installed? Find out from the industry experts…

When addressing “how to install bifold doors” it’s important to bear in mind that no set is exactly alike

Your Price Bifold Doors prides itself on delivering bespoke bifolding doors that are installed to suit their surroundings. They may be different colours, of an alternative configuration, size or have different handles. Because of this, no two installations will be identical, as installers will need to assess the space in which they’re being fitted.

Measure up!

It is important to measure up before installing bifold doorsBefore we start our installation, we must find out the exact dimensions of the space the doors will occupy. Not just height and width of course – we need to know what clearance there will be in front of the frame when the doors are opened fully.

This stage will also allow us to work out the number of two-pane units we need. As a guide, any opening that is narrower than three feet will require one unit, anything wider will require two or more.

Preparation and first steps

If we are installing the new door in a carpeted room, there’s a little more work to do. It’s best to fit the bottom bracket to the floor, so we will need to remove the carpet where the bottom of the door will sit.

We need to ensure the movement of the door isn’t fouled by the height of the carpet, so we must use a wooden block or similar to raise the height.

However, many of the bi-folds in the Your Price range are designed to sit flush with the floor.

The fitting process

Fitting bifold doors in SurreyYour Price’s range of bifolds is extensive, so of course there is no one single method for fitting these award-winning doors. However, the basic premise is to follow these steps:

Pivots and brackets

  • Put all of the pivots into position, tapping lightly with a hammer;
  • Position and then install the jamb bracket to the floor;

Fit the door panels

  • Starting at the top, slide the pivots into their housings;
  • Secure the guide pivots into the track;


  • This usually involves rotating the bottom pivot to raise or lower the door height;

Install the handles

  • Measure up and drill holes for the screws;
  • Put the handles in place and screw securely.

This is clearly not an exhaustive list of instructions – no two installations are identical.

One call for stress-free bifolds

All of the above requires precision and skill, to ensure you end up with a set of bifold doors that looks great and function perfectly. (Just take a look at one of our recent blog posts: Installing your own bifolds: risks and benefits.)

At Your Price, we have been expert at this for many years and can guarantee a perfect installation, without you needing to lift a finger.

So why not call us on 020 8665 2239 for a free quote – your first step to stress-free bifolds.