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Sliding Doors

Coming in 2, 3 and 4-paned systems, sliding doors really do constitute the perfect marriage of practicality and detailing. And with them becoming such a popular choice in houses and offices around the country, can you really afford not to offer them to your clients?

Your Price Bifold Doors’ sliding door products offer a number of notable benefits, including:

Visual appeal

Sliding doors appear to be more of a mobile glass wall than a door, so their overall effect is attractive and slender. You’ll also be happy to know that our sliding doors are designed to complement a range of uPVC windows and doors.

A wide-ranging selection

Coming in a variation of colours, sizes, combinations and finishes, when it comes to aspects of design, you’ll never have to worry about limited choices.

Peace of mind

With their multipoint locking system, sliding doors offer robust security. This means your customers will be given the peace of mind that their loved ones and possessions are safe and secure when our sliding doors are installed.

An open room

The large glass panels of our sliding doors enable rooms to be opened up, creating new dimensions and maximising space like never before. With large openings, of as much of 75% in the four-paned system, you’ll also be able to bring the outdoors in!

Extra light

The large glass feature panels of sliding doors will allow rooms to be flooded with light, creating even more aesthetically pleasing living and working spaces.

Unrivalled views

A combination of large glass panels and no obstructing doorposts mean that customers will be afforded unparalleled views.

Low maintenance

The angled external faces of sliding doors moves dirt and water away from their profile, so that their required upkeep is kept to a minimum.

Energy efficiency

Offering superior insulation standards, sliding doors are an energy and thermally efficient option – cutting down on energy bills, and positively contributing to the environment.

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